Prompted: Winsome

Winsome seems to be a word with baggage. I’ve seen it as I’ve lurked around ex-vangelical (one name for former evangelicals) spaces. It vaguely reminds me of the Bible, some passage that I can’t quite remember, but after a quick search, it doesn’t seem to appear in either the KJV or the NIV–two of the most common translations used by people of my tradition while I was growing up.

Instead, a more direct translation (or at least a linear Bible) tells me that my words must be seasoned, winsome. The word feels like pressure. You must be beautiful, wonderful, lovely, perfect. Don’t have feelings. Don’t have worries. Don’t be human. Only draw people in. Give them a perfect picture so they live this surface life too, a life with no drinking, no swearing, no playing cards, no feelings. We need everyone to give the perfect signs so that we know they’re on our side, that we’re safe, that there’s no need to grow.

How can we talk about suffering so much and understand it so little?

Prompt from Daily Post: Winsome


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